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Content Translation & Localization

As a leading power in the new era of the Korean Wave, webtoons are expanding their global presence and being adapted into different formats, including movies and TV dramas. At the same time, high-quality Korean webtoon translations are becoming more and more in-demand.


Our team of webtoon translators and localizers possesses strong creative writing and translation skills, as well as a profound understanding of Korean and German culture. Rather than just translating words to another language, our team focuses on conveying meaning and grasping the subtle nuances of dialogues and details without betraying the sense and feeling of a scene.


We are working to provide quality translation and promotion services, establish a proper content ecosystem and connect with webtoon audiences all over Europe. At the same time we want to share our passion for Korean Creative Content and make webtoons accessible to readers from all backgrounds, enabling them to understand and enjoy the story fully.

Korean Webtoons Collage

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